5 Minute Natural Makeup Tips For Work

September 26, 2017

Here, you'll learn 5 Minute natural makeup tips for work

I get it. I really do. Many of us working moms wake up in the morning and are in charge of getting everyone ready but ourselves. The kids have to be woken up. Then they have to be woken up again. Then dressed. Perhaps a 15-minute conversation about why they have to wear pants is involved. Then, of course, you have to wrangle with the issue of breakfast and maybe even lunch - since not feeding your children is generally looked down upon by society.

Amidst all of this, a professional-looking person has to somehow be created out of the tired woman that woke up that morning. Most of us have about 5-10 minutes to create that woman, and those 5-10 minutes may not even be consecutive.

5 Minute Natural Makeup Tips For Work

With that in mind, here are a few tips I've found really work and can help you learn how to quickly get yourself ready to face your day looking like the professional lady you are.

1) Mascara: Mascara is hands down one of the easiest ways to make yourself look more put together and perky. It opens up your eyes and adds definition without having to spend 15 minutes meticulously trying to draw a straight line with eyeliner while a child is tugging at your skirt. Apply mascara mostly the top lashes and only lightly to the bottom ones. Check out Jennifer Lynn's natural mascara in Black to fatten up and lift them.

2) Concealer: This is one of my favorite tools. A good concealer applied around your eyes will instantly make you look less tired by hiding both dark circles and any redness. My recommendation is that you do not choose a concealer that is too light in color, as your goal is not to look like a raccoon in reverse. Try to use one that matches your skin color. Additionally, you can use concealer to hide any spots or red areas- particularly around your nostrils.

3) Natural Blush or Bronzer: In my opinion, a good cheek color will give life to your look. Professional looking makeup is never overdone, so just a little color on your cheeks will transform your entire face and give you a healthy-looking flush. In my experience, you can use one or the other. My advice with bronzer is to sweep it lightly over your cheekbones, and across your forehead and down your nose - also known as the “T-zone”. This will give you a natural sun-kissed look. For blush, smile naturally in the mirror and apply to the apples of your cheeks and sweep back along your cheekbones as to not end up with clown-ish circles. Here at Jennifer Lynn Naturals, we carry 3 gorgeous shades for everyday use.

4) Lipstick: Lipstick is an extremely versatile tool. A great everyday lipstick can give you a polished look easily. It has the added benefit that in a pinch it can be used as blush as well. At Jennifer Lynn Naturals, we offer a number of colors that are perfect for everyday wear. Brownie Beige and Nude Mauve are two great options for work.

5 Minute Natural Makeup Tips For Work

5) BB Cream: BB cream is a relative newcomer to the makeup world, and in many ways has made life for busy women much easier. It is lighter than foundation which means it is much more forgiving to put on. BB Cream can be applied quickly with less fear that you will end up with the dreaded “foundation line”. It evens out your skin tone without having to spend precious (or non-existent) time blending. Our all-natural BB Cream gets the job done while keeping your skin healthy. Follow up with a rice-based finishing powder.

6) Buy Organic: This isn’t so much a makeup tip but a skin tip. When you use organic makeup, you are ensuring that your skin is being treated well all day. Toxins that are in most makeup age you, and potentially cause serious skin problems. Healthy skin needs less “help” to look good and will make your job much easier in the mornings. All of Jennifer Lynn Naturals products are 98% Organic for this reason.

5 Minute Natural Makeup Tips For Work

This is not necessarily a complete list, but these tips have helped me cut down on my “getting ready” time in the mornings.

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What are you waiting for?

So, now you know the top 5-minute organic makeup tips for the working Mom.  Do you have a time-saving trick for your busy mornings? If so, I want to hear it - comment below and teach me some of your ways!

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