5 Tips to Help You Hire a Great Makeup Artist for Your CT Wedding

5 Tips to Help You Hire a Great Makeup Artist for Your CT Wedding

March 11, 2019

Professional Makeup Artist, Jennifer Ballard shares 5 tips to help you hire a great makeup artist for your CT wedding

1) Look at his/her before and after pictures.

These before and after pictures are very telling. If she only has pictures of models or women with perfect skin (before her makeup application) it doesn't really speak much to her level of skill. Was acne covered flawlessly? Were fine lines and wrinkles accentuated? Does her face match her neck and chest? 


2) Ask if the before and after photos were edited in any way.

Were they photoshopped, filtered or otherwise? What type of camera were they taken with? The less high end the camera, the better you can get an idea of her work. 


3) Ask your photographer

Your photographer probably has a lot of experience working with different makeup artists. He/she likely knows not only who does a great job with makeup itself, but who shows up on time, gets you and your wedding party done on time and who will put you the most at ease on your important day. He/she will also know how the makeup photographs.


4) Schedule a trial at least 6 months in advance

And expect to pay for it. Most great makeup artists will book at least 6 months in advance, if not 9-12 months plus. Your makeup trial will likely take over an hour to perfect the look you want. Does she ask you a lot of questions? Does she have you to bring pictures of the style of makeup you're looking for? Does she ask you what your normal everyday look is? Does she really listen to you? How comfortable do you feel around her? Remember, she's going to be one of the first people you see on your special day, when anxiety levels may be high. Is she calming, yet fun?

If non-toxic ingredients in your makeup are important to you, does she ask?


Have a list of questions to ask her:


Ask her:

  • what type of makeup products she uses (natural or traditional)
  • how long it will take per face
  • which order each of the ladies should go in
  • what time you should start
  • how long she can expect the makeup to realistically last
  • if you should bring your own lipstick for touchups
  • how early she'll arrive for set up
  • if she provides a luxury experience including skin prep, etc. 

5 Tips to Help You Hire a Great Makeup Artist for Your CT Wedding

5) Be prepared to budget this service and book on the spot

Most makeup artists will require a signed contract and deposit to save your day. She is likely to also charge extra for more than a few faces (in order to bring an assistant), odd start times, days, etc. You'll also pay a travel fee, either a set price or per mile for the wear and tear on her car and time. This contract also protects you as the bride to ensure that she show up, on time and ready to make you the gorgeous creature you are!

Now that you know these 5 tips to help you hire a great makeup artist for your CT wedding, make sure to sign up for your free natural makeup tutorial cheatsheet: 9 Super Fast Steps To Flawless Makeup.

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