Organic Makeup: Should You Switch?

Organic Makeup: Should You Switch?

October 26, 2017

Learn why to use organic makeup: should you make the switch?

How and why to get rid of the toxic makeup you're using now

I'm going to address a number of different chemicals that are lurking in your makeup, what their negative effects are, how to spot them in the ingredients of the product you use, and why I'm are going to challenge you to find and throw away at least ONE product you use that contains that chemical - and start thinking about buying truly natural makeup brands!

It's important to me that I stay true to my mission - which is to provide you with the best all natural makeup information and products that give you a pure, non-toxic, organic option that works just as well as traditional makeup.

It is also important that I tell you WHY you should be choosing an organic or mineral makeup that is better for your skin, your health, and even your family's well-being.  If cruelty-free, vegan makeup (please note lip products are vegan as they use beeswax) is also important to you, you're in the right place. 

It's common knowledge that a large part of being healthy depends on what we choose to eat every day. This is especially true when you have children, plan to have children, or have an autoimmune disease that can be exacerbated or even triggered by certain foods or chemicals in foods.

How does that lead in your lipstick taste?

What many women don’t think about is your lip products are also ingested in one way or another - just like food. Whether you are licking your lips as you go about your day, or are drinking out of a glass that your lipstick has stuck onto - you will be ingesting quite a bit of product - especially if you reapply several times a day like many of us tend to do. What you may not realize is that most lipstick brands are chock full of chemicals that have been determined as toxic for your health.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month And Why You Need To Avoid Parabens

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to start with something that is known to be associated with breast tumors. These nasty chemicals are known as Parabens.

Parabens are chemicals added to beauty products like lotions, lipsticks, BB Cream and lip gloss to prevent bacterial growth. The problem is that these chemicals are able to mimic and interfere with estrogen in the body - and exposure to estrogen is one of the leading causes of breast cancer. This makes parabens especially dangerous for women.

In 2004, a UK Doctor by the name of Philippa Darbre found high concentrations of intact parabens in breast tumors - leading to the conclusion that these toxins were entering our bodies and bypassing the liver - meaning that they were being both ingested AND absorbed because of everything from body lotion to lipstick to eyeshadow. She found that while parabens do not necessarily cause cancer, that they were feeding the growth of it - much like sugar.

In addition to hormone disruption when it comes to breast cancer, parabens have also been linked to immunological, reproductive, neurological and skin irritation problems - sounds fun doesn’t it. If you are anything like me, this information should make you very angry.

Label Watch - What To Look For In Your Makeup’s Ingredients:

Parabens come in many forms that can be seen on the ingredients in your makeup. Things like methylparaben, propylparaben, Butylparaben, and ethylparaben are all considered part of this family.

One of the more disturbing aspects of parabens is that they are still allowed to exist in our cosmetics, hair products and skin lotions. In 2012, the European Union outlawed the use of them, yet the FDA has yet to issue a ban on these ingredients.

Another important thing to note is that the purpose of parabens in makeup - which is to prevent bacterial growth - is no longer necessary. Natural organic makeup brands like Jennifer Lynn Naturals have figured out how to get rid of these chemicals to produce high-quality paraben free makeup.

Another good place to start is Breast Cancer Action’s list of over 100 natural makeup products that are produced as chemical free cosmetics that are safe for you and your family.

Knowledge is power

Arm yourself with the information to take control of what you put on and into your body because you don’t have to choose between your beauty and your health!

Now that you know all about organic makeup and whether or not you should make the switch you can put your mind at ease.

Haven't signed up for my pro makeup natural beauty tips yet? Get your cheat sheet: 9 Super Fast Steps To Flawless Organic Makeup here or shop now for organic lipstick, organic lip gloss and all natural BB cream (among the other natural cosmetics that we offer) - all of which are safer for you and your family!

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